Past Case Results

“The below is a sampling of recent cases and results achieved by Mr. Marcus. Please note that every case is different. No two cases have the exact same set of facts, and the results below may not be indicative of what happens in another case. The Law Offices of Sean Marcus cannot guarantee a result based upon prior cases or successes. However, the we can guarantee that you will have an attorney who is willing to fight for you.”

Past Case List

Case: 14-037689MU10A – DUI

Synopsis: Client was pulled over after speeding past a Florida Highway Patrol Officer at 90 m.p.h.. The client also ran over debris in the roadway, causing the debris to his the trooper’s car and knock off his side mirror. Read More

Case: B13-5472 – Battery

Synopsis: Client was alleged to have inappropriately touched one of his female customers while she came to him for services. According to the alleged victim, the client had inappropriately touched her, and then sucked her breast without her consent, and against her will. Read More

Case: 2012-CF-010523-AXXX-MB – Trafficking in Controlled Substance (Oxycodone)

Synopsis: Client was arrested on a warrant out of Palm Beach County for being involved in a large prescription drug ring. Client was identified by witnesses as having knowingly obtained and filled a prescription for Oxycodone, knowing the prescription was forged by an individual working at a doctor’s office. Read More

Case: 14-035203MU10A – DUI

Synopsis: Client was involved in a car accident after coming off of the highway, where he was the at-fault driver who hit a slow moving UPS Truck from the rear. Upon arrival, officers noticed that the client had red-blooshot eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odor of alcohol which came from his facial area every time he spoke. Read More

Cases: 8092GXB & B14-31265 – DUI

Synopsis: Client was pulled over after pulling out of a closed car dealership at approximately 2am. When pulled over, the police officer claimed that the client had a very strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and that the client was unsteady on his feet. The Officer then had the client perform field sobriety exercises which he claimed the client failed. Read More

Case: 14-027321MU10A – DUI

Synopsis: Client was pulled over for speeding. After being pulled over the cop told the client that she could smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and he did no stop for her quickly enough. As such, she ordered him to perform field sobriety exercises. After performing the exercises, the officer arrested the client. Read More

Case: 14-60271-CR-COHN – Trafficking in Marijuana, and Conspiracy to Trafficking in Marijuana

Synopsis:Client was arrested by federal agents after agents boarded the boat he was in, and found a trafficking amount of marijuana in the hull of the boat. After the arrest, we learned that DEA and federal agents had been monitoring the client using wire taps, helicopter surveillance, and other types of surveillance, Read More

Case: Investigation into Elderly Abuse – A.H.

Synopsis: Client investigated after allegations that she was abusing her elderly father and taking advantage of him financially. After thorough research, and speaking with the investigators, we were able to convince the investigators that the client was innocent. Read More

Case: Investigation into Sexual Battery on a Minor – P.R.

Synopsis: Client investigated after allegations that one of his adopted minor children were allegedly sexually abused by the client. After meeting with the police, we, and speaking on our client’s behalf, Read More

Case: 13-007998CF10A – Armed Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell

Synopsis: Client was at home when several police officers arrived at his doorstep. The officers eventually convinced the client to let them in, and coerced him into signing a consent to search (after the search was completed). In the home, the officers founds significant amounts of marijuana, shrink-wrap, cash, and several firearms. Read More

Case: 15-009004MM10A – DV Battery

Synopsis: Client was arrested after he allegedly got into fight with his girlfriend, her brother, and her mother, where all were injured and able to identify the client. After uncovering various inconsistencies from the witnesses, Read More

Case: 2014-CF-010688 – Carry Concealed Firearm; Posn of Controlled Sub

Synopsis: Client was leaving a home when he was suddenly stopped by police because he allegedly matched the description of a person who had just been involved in a theft from a nearby liquor store. After being ordered to the ground, officers noticed the client had a concealed firearm, and placed him under arrest for CCF. Read More

Case: 13-022692MM10A – DUI with Property Damage

Synopsis: Client was driving home from a bar when he crashed into another vehicle, narrowly missing a meter maid who was giving the other vehicle a ticket. The client tried to drive away, but was held at the scene by the meter maid. Client was allegedly extremely intoxicated, smelled like alcohol, and could not maintain his balance. Read More

Case: 14-000152CF (Collier County) – Trafficking in Counterfeit Credit Cards

Synopsis: Client was pulled over for speeding while on Alligator Alley. During the stop, officers began asking questions of the client and his co-defendant, when officers eventually brought a K-9 to conduct a sniff search of the car. After the dog alerted to a small amount of marijuana, the officers arrested and searched the client, Read More

Case: M14-27056 – Aggravated Battery on a Pregnant Female

Synopsis: Client was involved in an altercation with a security guard at a local apartment complex. During the verbal dispute, the alleged victim became irate, and screamed things at the client, causing the client to leave with his family. She later called the police, claiming our client attacked her, and hit her, during the verbal dispute and told police that she was 4 months pregnant. Read More

M16-30363 – DV Battery

Synopsis: Client was arrested after his girlfriend called the police and told them that she had kicked her, leaving large visible bruises. After conducting our investigation, we were able to uncover various inconsistencies in the victim’s testimony, Read More